Omanyte Pokemon




May start making a few cosplay makeup tutorials. Partly for fun as I’m getting bored doing nothing when I’m home, and partly because I’ve picked up a few tricks and tips recently which really help, especially with crossplays…

Ooh that was really helpful! I’ll have to try it when I can :D I’m thinking… to practice on an arm or something first and then try to do my face hehe. Thank you!!

My mum (seeing the head torch currently strapped around my neck): “Are you going to wear that forever?”

But mum. Mum, don’t you get it? They told me if I ever take it off, I’ll die. Honestly I don’t know why they bother to give me this stuff if they don’t want me to use it.

Yes. I am experimenting with some cosplay ideas. You might even say I’m cosplay… testing.

somebody just hit me in the face already

But seriously. Realistically I can’t see me having it ready for Kitacon, but I’m looking forward to making a cosplay by myself for a change, as opposed to bargain hunting :3

If I did ever cosplay Volgin, how the fuck am I going to do his hair? I’d have to get a blond wig as short as I can without it showing my real hair and hope for the best. If I practised with the make-up effects to do the facial scarring with and get that right, it might look ok.

Also thinking of putting together the Boss’s outfit from this picture for when I get around to singing Heavens Divide but I’m not entirely convinced people will know who I am :/


Ahaha I do that a lot when I’m studying. Also when I’m walking to lectures because there’s a Miller’s Sandwich Shop and a Miller’s Art Shop along the main street. The sandwich shop makes sense because he’s a rank A chef but the art shop…? Not so much haha. Unless he’s secretly an awesome artist/art enthusiast.

Pfff the first time I managed to lucid dream I was “drowning” and then realised oh wait, I can breath => this is a dream and then ended up on a beach. Then some horses came running towards me and then trolljima came out of nowhere and said we should go get ice cream. I don’t even.

Aw that must suck. My flat is similar in that it’s right next to the stairwell so I hear a lot of people thundering about at night :| Or at least, I think it’s people on the stairwell. It could be ballet dancing elephants upstairs for the amount of noise they make.

My costumes for Para-medic (a revamped, more accurate costume than Kita), Strangelove and Rosemary are all ready to go :D I might need to buy some new shoes for SL but I have some that will do if not. I’ll also be cosplaying Sebastian again but just for the masquerade ball. I’ll probably be Para-medic for whatever day the talent show thing is on because I want to sing Snake Eater (and add in my silly backstory for it haha). It’ll be like me playing Para-medic playing Ocelot. IT MAKES SENSE. TRUST ME

Miller’s Art Shop, obvss makes sense because he loves your fanart of him that much!! <3 The cosplays all sound fab!! And glad you’re doing Sebastian again XD Eeee I didn’t know that you’re doing the talent show thing :D well,  I do now!! Hnnngh Para-Medic singing Snake Eater arrrgh I can’t wait, you’re gonna be awesome!! I wanna do Heavens Divide someday… chickened out because I’ve nowhere to practice T_T another time, another con :’) fuuuuu I’m going to have a total MGS overdose that weekend with all this stuff happening XD I might actually die. Through spontaneous combustion.