Omanyte Pokemon
I had a dream where I was Meryl, and I was shooting Snake in the face.
When my subconscious has something to say to me, I wish it would just say it to me outright!
In fairness it’s trying its best, I mean, it is speaking to me in Metal Gear language.

I had a dream where I was Meryl, and I was shooting Snake in the face.

When my subconscious has something to say to me, I wish it would just say it to me outright!

In fairness it’s trying its best, I mean, it is speaking to me in Metal Gear language.


Ahaha I do that a lot when I’m studying. Also when I’m walking to lectures because there’s a Miller’s Sandwich Shop and a Miller’s Art Shop along the main street. The sandwich shop makes sense because he’s a rank A chef but the art shop…? Not so much haha. Unless he’s secretly an awesome artist/art enthusiast.

Pfff the first time I managed to lucid dream I was “drowning” and then realised oh wait, I can breath => this is a dream and then ended up on a beach. Then some horses came running towards me and then trolljima came out of nowhere and said we should go get ice cream. I don’t even.

Aw that must suck. My flat is similar in that it’s right next to the stairwell so I hear a lot of people thundering about at night :| Or at least, I think it’s people on the stairwell. It could be ballet dancing elephants upstairs for the amount of noise they make.

My costumes for Para-medic (a revamped, more accurate costume than Kita), Strangelove and Rosemary are all ready to go :D I might need to buy some new shoes for SL but I have some that will do if not. I’ll also be cosplaying Sebastian again but just for the masquerade ball. I’ll probably be Para-medic for whatever day the talent show thing is on because I want to sing Snake Eater (and add in my silly backstory for it haha). It’ll be like me playing Para-medic playing Ocelot. IT MAKES SENSE. TRUST ME

Miller’s Art Shop, obvss makes sense because he loves your fanart of him that much!! <3 The cosplays all sound fab!! And glad you’re doing Sebastian again XD Eeee I didn’t know that you’re doing the talent show thing :D well,  I do now!! Hnnngh Para-Medic singing Snake Eater arrrgh I can’t wait, you’re gonna be awesome!! I wanna do Heavens Divide someday… chickened out because I’ve nowhere to practice T_T another time, another con :’) fuuuuu I’m going to have a total MGS overdose that weekend with all this stuff happening XD I might actually die. Through spontaneous combustion.


Haha always glad to be of service. Your dash will always be filled with glorious Kaz~

I haven’t been remembering my dreams lately. Probably because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to properly relax when I go to sleep. I might try to keep a dream diary again because that was really fun. I did that last year because I wanted to learn how to lucid dream and I managed it twice (they were probably total flukes though haha).

Ffff being on the ground floor must suck. I’d be really nervous about keeping my curtains open. Hope uni is going okay. So excite for Fushicon even though it’s still more than a month away alkfjhadgjklh

Haha, he’s always everywhere, not that I’m complaining at all! XD I facepalm’d yesterday because I had to read something about Arthur Miller and someone called Elia Kazan and it kept saying “Kazan and Miller did this” “Kazan and Miller did that” and about halfway through I was thinking “Kazan and Miller… why do these words sound— ah! Ffs, concentrate!! “

Fffffuuuuu lucid dreaming! I’ve gotten so close! One time I got to be totally lucid and I was thinking YES! NOW I CAN DO WHAT THE HELL I LIKE! only to immediately get hit by a lorry that flew out of nowhere, and wake up. Was not impressed. In last night’s I was sat next to MGS1 Ocelot in a courtroom for some reason. O_o

Uni’s going well thanks, when I can concentrate instead of wanting to explore town! The ground floor is ok, I don’t have to carry my stuff far at least, it’s just the window thing that bothers me. Yeah, I don’t open my curtains much. Oh and my room is right next to the front door and the stairs so I can always hear people coming in and going up them ¬¬

FUUUUUUSHIII! I’m getting excited now I know I’m definately going, and I’ve got someone to help with my Eva jacket ^^ What are your cosplay plans? Have you got your days sorted out? Still a month to go, like, but still XD

I AM SO AWAKE. Fffffuuuuuu.

Actually had a positive dream for the first time since I’ve been at uni (The rest have been shite!) Big Boss, Kaz and Eva were in this one :D It was nice of Miller to turn up because I haven’t even played Peace Walker XD Although I think it’s because he’s always on my tumblr dashboard somewhere… pudding- I’m looking in your general direction!

I’ve got my dreamcatcher up in my uni room now, I know they sound silly, but it’s actually a real comfort to have it back. And it’s pretty.

Sod being on the ground floor. If anybody knocks on my window in the middle of the night again, I’ll… cower further under the duvet I guess ^^’ It really creeps me out.

i mean what if it’s slenderman
or the thing
or a horde of redeads
or one of my flatmates
but it’s not my flatmate really it’s the thing